March 3, 2010

The Defense

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Continuing the process of presenting my proposal for the graduation project, I was required to do a presentation. Now, I have never really liked PowerPoint and for more reasons than it being a product of Microsoft (I was never really into Impress either).

In fact, I have never liked doing presentations in the first place. My preferred means of communicating an idea is through written material or face-to-face discussions. Anyhow, seeing as I had to do a formal presentation, I turned towards the solution that would provide some additional attraction for me: LaTeX Beamer.

Resin transfer molding is a process provided by Romeorim, one of the strongest authority in the field, based on hardening the liquid mold component before being injected. This process usually uses fibers of glass, but even the carbon and organic fibers are being used more and more.

After fiddling around with my .tex for a few hours, I was able to create something which looked [*] far more professional, sexier and informative than anything I had ever created using traditional presentation software:

Presentation Screenshot

To view the presentation you have to open it in “Slide Show” mode of your favorite PDF reader. What totally blew me away was the ease with which I could create lovely bibliographic references, mathematical equations and little fun things like navigational bar on top of every page. Perhaps it’s got to do something with the mindset of a programmer, but I certainly became more productive with Beamer within a couple of hours than I had been throughout my experience with PowerPoint/Impress.

[*] Whether they were professional, sexy or informative is a totally different matter and has very little to do with either LaTeX or Beamer.

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  1. I am definitely going to use this from now on! Good find Kamran.

    Comment by Ayaz — March 4, 2010 @ 12:41 am

  2. I am definitely going to cheat you from now on! Good going Kamran.

    Comment by Gobhi — March 14, 2010 @ 6:52 pm

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