October 17, 2007

Video: Compiz-Fusion — first impressions

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“We live only to discover beauty. All else is a form of waiting.” — Khalil Gibran

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Compiz-Fusion.mp4 iPod, QuickTime, MPlayer, VLC Media Player 320×240 1.19 MB
Compiz-Fusion.mpg Windows Media Player, MPlayer, VLC Media Player 352×288 10.21 MB
Compiz-Fusion.ogg MPlayer, VLC Media Player 1280×960 28.35 MB
Video screenshot #1 Video screenshot #2
Video screenshot #3 Video screenshot #4
Distribution Linux From Scratch
Desktop Environment Xfce
Window Manager Compiz-Fusion
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October 11, 2007

Watching the froots

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“The rat, the mouse, the fox, the rabbet; watch the roots, the lion, the tyger, the horse, the elephant, watch the fruits.” — William Blake

(As far as history tells us, Blake was a n00b in the field of computers and internet. Which adequately explains why he knew as much about browser wars as anyone’s grandma. Certain fiery foxes do watch the (open-source) roots, but I never heard anything about a Radiating Rat, Mercurial Mouse or Rigorous Rabbit.)

Anyone not living under a rock for the past decade knows this pretty well: Firefox is the best web-browser on the face of earth, period — as far as embedded browsing isn’t concerned. For me, and everyone else who actually browses full-blown websites on cell phones, Opera still holds that honor on mobile platforms. Here’s a list of few good reasons why:

  • Page refitting “modes”. You can view the page in its original design or opt for having Opera “fit” it on the mobile screen for you.
  • Inline frames. You can’t log-in in some of the Google services without them (e.g. orkut).
  • Better Javascript support.
  • One reason to rule them all: absence of Firefox on the platform.

And the one reason looks like it’s finally going to be rectified by Mozilla. Gentlemen, everyone’s favorite fox is aiming for mobile platforms.

The bad news? You’re gonna have to wait for about another year before you could actually get your hands on it (the project is as mature right now as Steve Ballmer; and that’s virtually indicative of infancy). Other than that, the details are aplenty and if you do use internet on a hand-held, you should definitely give the announcement link a visit.

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October 7, 2007

FIFA World Rankings: Top Nations’ League Participation

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A common argument that crops up everywhere these days is regarding the leagues which have the best players in the world. The “best players in the world” phrase has a diverse range of definitions, but no one can actually deny the fact that top-nations in FIFA World Rankings are there because of their players. Curiously enough, I decided to compile a list of recent squads of these top-nations to compare their participation in various leagues around the world. This comparison in no way is a stand-alone method to judge these leagues’ quality; as there are top-players who don’t play international Football anymore (read: Franseco Totti), and some whose countries are nowhere near the top 10 rankings (e.g. that Drogba guy). This comparison is just what it is: an estimation of the top nations’ league participation. (more…)

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