August 17, 2010

Summer of Code Progress: Wrapping up

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As eleven weeks of the-best-summer-ever draw to an end, here’s the final coding report for GSoC 2010.

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Time Spent

60 hours.


The week was spent mostly cleaning and packaging the code accumulated over the summer. To demonstrate some of the aspects of the Arsenal library, I also created a proof-of-concept CGI script which upstreams Launchpad attachments for a bug to a remote Bugzilla. The task was fun, as the efforts put into refactoring things into launchpadlib-toolkit and BugzillaAdapter finally paid off and it took only a few hours to get the script working (that too with most of the time spent learning AJAX).



Waiting Items


Stalled Items



  • Branch, Merge Revision:
    • Revision: Added support for quilt.
    • Revision: Added support for using patch utility for quilt packages where the diff files update debian/* stuff themselves.
    • Revision: Cleaned up the library to provide LaunchpadApplication and LaunchpadBugzillaApplication.
    • Revision: Fixed BugPatcher to use LaunchpadApplication as base class.
    • Revision: Cleaned up LaunchpadBugzillaApplication to take username password as arguments instead of modifiers.
  • Branch, Merge Revision: Fixed packaging issues to release debs for Karmic and Lucid.
  • Branch: Implemented a CGI script demonstrating the upstreaming capabilities of Arsenal library. An example run can be seen in this screencast.

Minor Tasks

  • Revision: Some more code cleanup.
  • Revision: Check launchpadlib version before appending ‘/beta‘ during API URL detection.

Actions for the Following Report

  • Fill the final evaluation.
  • Write a summary of the overall GSoC experience.
  • Start waiting for the t-shirt.
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  1. Looking forward to the T-shirt :P

    Comment by Dorian Gray — August 24, 2010 @ 11:56 pm

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