August 10, 2010

Summer of Code Progress: Refactoring, Matching and Patching

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Time Spent

90 hours.


  • Refactored Attachment Upstreamer in order to migrate Launchpad and Bugzilla chores to launchpadlib-toolkit and BugzillaAdapter.
  • Implemented for matchmaking Launchpad bugs in remote trackers.
  • Implemented for generating patched Debian packages for Launchpad bugs.



Waiting Items


Stalled Items



  • Branch, Merge Revision: Migrated Attachment Upstreamer to use launchpadlib-toolkit.
  • Branch, Merge Revision: Migrated Attachment Upstreamer to use BugzillaAdapter.
  • Revision: Updated launchpadlib-toolkit to serve scripts such as Attachment Upstreamer through attachment filters and wrappers.
  • Branch, Merge Revision: Implemented with support for multiple level searches for finding a bug’s attributes in a remote tracker. Supports searching titles, git commit ids and attachment filenames.
  • Branch: Implemented with support for modifying Debian packages which use cdbs patch system to generate a patched version using a bug’s attachments.

Minor Tasks

  • Created a LaunchpadBugzillaApp class which shares majority of the initialization code for, and
  • Fixed various bugs in LaunchpadBugzillaApp for dealing with Gnome Keyring and Launchpad authentication.
  • Added various filters to launchpadlib-toolkit.

Actions for the Following Report

  • LaunchpadBugzillaApp should be derived from LaunchpadApp which would allow using the latter for scripts such as where Bugzilla portions aren’t required.
  • Update Bug Patcher to include support for remaining Debian patch systems.
  • Clean up the code accumulated over GSoC development and write tests.
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