May 3, 2007

Tonight, the talking stops

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Kaka celebrates goal against Manchester United

It’s over. Manchester United has finally demonstrated that they’re an average club which is just over-hyped after defeating relatively smaller ones. They crumbled in the first tie that they had against a recent UCL champion, and the ‘best player in the world’ was just stuttering around, trying to show dribbling skills while giving away the possession easily.

AC Milan thoroughly outclassed Manchester United in every aspect of the game. It really takes composure and character to withstand the pressure of an important away game, and Manchester United’s immature young performers haven’t definitely got either of those. They couldn’t play properly even against Roma in the away game, and they were psychologically devastated at San Siro. Apart from Van Der Sar, the whole team had lost mentally midway through the second half. All the more so, an away consolation goal was just too much to ask from them in the ending minutes.

Now, we fix our eyes upon Athens for the final. There’s a prominent feeling of deja vu in the air, but that’s what makes it even more exciting. Forza Rossoneri!

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