July 11, 2008

Programming Challenges: Australian Voting

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PC/UVa IDs: 110108/10142, Popularity: B, Success rate: low, Level: 1

I had 28 (that’s twenty-eight) “Time Limit Exceeded” tries on this problem. I was looking everywhere for a loop that would drag, for every possible input that would cause breakdown and I couldn’t find any such thing. So much so, that I considered labeling this post as Australian Nightmare. The issue, once I found it, had nothing to do with Australia and all to do with the string and istringstream objects being significantly heavy to be constructed/destructed on each iteration of the loop on lines #138-153.

The book recommends further reading on voting systems and has linked to some mathematical theorem that proves that no voting system can ever be perfect. Considering the democratic results around the world in recent elections, yeah, what an absolute shocker.

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