February 1, 2007

Beryl/AIGLX white cube issue

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Anyone who has ever tried to run Beryl using AIGLX must’ve heard about the infamous white cube issue. While facing this problem, the screen goes totally white and while you can rotate the cube, you can’t do pretty much anything else. As I had also spent about a week trying various methods to solve the problem, I thought to publish on my blog the combination that did work on my Intel G965 motherboard.

Apparently, the whole thing is messed up because of the opcode changes in glproto-1.4.8 and although I don’t have any idea why, downgrading glproto and recompiling Mesa and X.Org did not solve the problem for me. Nevertheless, the following setup worked like a charm:

Compiling these components might require you to install other ones (such as inputproto, damageproto etc.), but this page is not meant to be a HOWTO. I’m just confirming that the above mentioned things work for me on my Intel graphics card. There is even a new patch created for xorg-server but I haven’t tried it out myself yet (I’m away form my PC for at least another week). If anyone else can confirm some other combination to be working, I’ll be glad to list it here. Just leave a comment using the form below.

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