March 2, 2010

GoDaddy/WordPress ninoplas Base64 virus and the fix

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Update: The virus seems to have affected only GoDaddy websites, hence the change in title.

Few hours ago I opened my website and noticed some rather strange Javascript hanging around the bottom. After some inspection, it became evident that every page on my blog was trying to load an IFrame to some place called Turns out, I wasn’t alone and there are other users as well who are affected by this. Judging by the fact that different blogs were attacked at the same time, this was in all probability the result of a security hole in some plugin or the core itself.

The virus acted by adding a piece of encrypted code on the first line of all PHP files on the server. It’s rather unsettling to consider the extend of damage that could have been caused with the write access to those files. Still, the damage could be rectified by simply deleting those lines. I wrote a tiny script for doing this job which cleans the ninoplas virus from all the PHP files in the current directory:

Warning: While this script has worked for me, I am in no way providing any guarantee for how it behaves on other blogs. Backup your blog as well as database before executing this script.
You have been warned.

Using the fix is a simple matter of:

-bash-$ cd wordpress
-bash-$ wget
-bash-$ sh

And don’t forget to backup everything again after cleaning up. The security hole — if there is one — has still not been tracked and if it’s in the core or some plugin which you’re still using, the virus might not be so benevolent next time.

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