October 7, 2007

FIFA World Rankings: Top Nations’ League Participation

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A common argument that crops up everywhere these days is regarding the leagues which have the best players in the world. The “best players in the world” phrase has a diverse range of definitions, but no one can actually deny the fact that top-nations in FIFA World Rankings are there because of their players. Curiously enough, I decided to compile a list of recent squads of these top-nations to compare their participation in various leagues around the world. This comparison in no way is a stand-alone method to judge these leagues’ quality; as there are top-players who don’t play international Football anymore (read: Franseco Totti), and some whose countries are nowhere near the top 10 rankings (e.g. that Drogba guy). This comparison is just what it is: an estimation of the top nations’ league participation. (more…)

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February 28, 2007

Video: Serie A Top Ten Goals 02-26-2007

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Top ten goals from Calcio, as chosen by the highlights show that aired on 26th February: (more…)

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