July 24, 2010

Summer of Code Progress: Attachment Upstreamer improvements

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Time Spent

60 hours.


New features were added to Attachment Upstreamer in order to make it more suitable for issues encountered by Ubuntu maintainers (as suggested by Bryce from his experience as the maintainer).



Waiting Items


Stalled Items



  • Branch, Merge Revision: Implemented caching of Bugzilla credentials using Gnome Keyring and ConfigParser.
  • Merge Revision:
    • Branch: Added support for excluding attachments based on filename matching using glob patterns.
    • Branch: Added support for extracting Tar and Zip archives when the number of files in them is below a specified limit.
    • Branch: Added support for excluding attachments based on their sizes, optionally Gzipping them in an effort to make the size acceptable.
    • Branch: Added support for enforcing content-types of attachments based on their filenames.

Minor Tasks

  • Various bugfixes and code-cleanup for previously merged GSoC code.

Actions for the Following Report

The Launchpad and Bugzilla sides of the Upstreamer are to be cleaned up and made dependent on launchpadlib-toolkit and BugzillaAdapter respectively. This will help future scripts which rely on Bugzilla communication as well as make such things agnostic to the implementation lying beneath the adapter (e.g., whether we’re using Curl/XML-RPC/REST to talk to the server).

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