July 3, 2010

Summer of Code Progress: Attachment Upstreamer

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Time Spent

10 hours.


Communicating with Bugzilla is done through the python-bugzilla wrapper library. This could have been achieved by using xmlrpclib directly but doing that would require reinventing a whole lot of wheels by handling Bugzilla specific XML-RPC eccentricities.



Waiting Items


Stalled Items



  • Branch: Added support for copying attachments to a remote bugzilla:
    $ ./ --pass=xxx
    Logging in Launchpad [Success <Logged in as Kamran Riaz Khan>]
    Logging in Bugzilla [Success <Logged in as>]
    Uploading: Dependencies.txt [Success]
    Uploading: Disassembly.txt [Success]
    Uploading: ProcMaps.txt [Success]
    Uploading: ProcStatus.txt [Success]
    Uploading: Registers.txt [Success]
    Uploading: Stacktrace.txt [Success]
    Uploading: ThreadStacktrace.txt [Success]
    Uploading: Stacktrace.txt (retraced) [Success]
    Uploading: ThreadStacktrace.txt (retraced) [Success]

Minor Tasks

  • Revision: Added python-bugzilla in lib and modified accordingly.
  • Revision: Initial commit for sending attachments to a remote Bugzilla.
  • Revision: Added error handling for API calls.

Actions for the Following Report

Add support for creating new bugs in a remote Bugzilla based on data from a Launchpad bug.

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