June 14, 2010

Summer of Code Progress: Searching bug attachments for team subscriptions

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Time Spent

15 hours.


During the course of my SoC work on Launchpad I have been following a simple procedure for developing API calls:

  • Find a similar functionality which is already implemented upstream.
  • Log PostgreSQL queries while using that functionality and then analyze the queries made along with database schemas to devise a plan for implementing the new feature.

As documented in my previous report, I had to implement a property/method for exporting “Source Packages” a “Team” was subscribed to. Going through the chores listed above, I ended up with a query for structural subscriptions table which joined teams and source packages. The method worked perfectly. That is, until I reopened the interface definition today and searched for my changes. I landed on something that looked similar and then realized that the method was already there in Launchpad, just not exported yet.

That condensed my work to just a few lines as I discarded my own changes and their unit tests and exported the method that was already present upstream. Lesson learned: Search your project thoroughly before starting the coding phase in case you’re duplicating someone else’s efforts.


The method for getting bug subscriptions for a team had this comment on top:

    # XXX: Tom Berger 2008-04-14 bug=191799:
    # The implementation of these functions
    # is no longer appropriate, since it now relies on subscriptions,
    # rather than package bug supervisors.
    def getBugSubscriberPackages(self):

I’m not sure if a merge proposal for exporting this operation would be accepted since the implementation is “no longer appropriate”. Will discuss this with Bryce in detail tonight.

Waiting Items


Stalled Items



  • Patch: Exported Person.getBugSubscriberPackages() as read only operation.

Minor Tasks

The process of returning a collection of source packages created a circular import dependency which broke down the process of WADL resource generation. Again, going around Launchpad code revealed that this could be fixed by just returning a generic Interface and then patching it later on in lib/canonical/launchpad/interfaces/

Actions for the Following Report

Searching for bug attachments in source packages is already possible using my bugs-findAttachment branch. In case Person.getBugSubscriberPackages() is considered okay, I have all the Launchpad pieces in place now for doing this in Arsenal: “Search for text in all bug attachments for packages this team is subscribed to”. Really looking forward to having a bit more “freedom” with the codebase than I had with Launchpad.

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