November 15, 2009

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While blogging over the years, a good deal of posts containing useful code came up and then disappeared under that “Next Page” link. While I have no issues with regular posts moving down the stack, I did strongly feel that the ones containing code should be cataloged separately in some place. Similarly, when new version of a program from earlier posts was released, it also created a mess in the previous post chain for that program as I had to update all of them to the latest link.

The solution was pretty simple. Instead of using the main blog’s pages, I created a mini-site at where I intend to manage the bits and pieces of programming spread on Inspirated. So far, I like the results of using the rather nifty software CMS Made Simple. As a matter of fact, if you have ever tried deciding between available CMS solutions and have succeeded in less than an hour, I salute you. The number of CMS projects out there far exceeds the number of Linux distributions that have ever been created. And that says a lot.

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