May 25, 2007

AC Milan vs Liverpool offsides

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I didn’t post about the 7th UCL win of the Rossoneri on my blog because there was too much to write about the match and I didn’t have time for going through all the posting hassle. Now that I’ve got some moments of peace, I’d like to post about two match decisions which kept intriguing me for some time. Quite surprisingly, no news source or channel discusses either of them; so I had to take screenshots of my own recorded footage of the match. Here they are:

Kaka Offside Kuyt Goal
(Click on images for larger versions)

The first image (on the left) is of an offside decision which was given for Kaka 10 minutes after the 2nd half kick-off. Kaka was one-on-one with Reina as the whistle blew, with Inzaghi (clear of any marking) on his right for any needed support. It was a definite goal, but the offside decision was astonishingly not argued upon by either of them. I was literally baffled about judgment of the assistant referee as Kaka was clearly on-side when the pass was being delivered and he was the first one to touch the ball. Does anyone remember Ribery against Spain?

The second image is of the Kuyt goal. I wasn’t initially suspicious of it, but close inspection of the footage later on revealed that he was only marginally offside. However, this decision is somewhat vindicable given the circumstances of the box. Congrats to Kuyt for his first goal of the campaign.

Overall, the match was thoroughly entertaining. Milan played their own brand of the game and at last exacted sweet sweet revenge. It’s been a good year for Italian football despite the Calciopoli scandal as they’ve bagged both the World-Cup and the European trophies. Grandinano i campioni!


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