May 20, 2007

WordPress 2.2 Upgrade

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Upgrading WordPress can be a fluent task if you aren’t bothered by plugin incompatibilities during the process. Quite fortunately, I haven’t been bothered with that mess even once since I started blogging; and while I expected at least a couple of problems to arise after a major version upgrade, I was quite delighted to see that it went as smoothly as the minor version ones.

The new version brings promises some exciting features such as widgets (e.g. sidebar blocks), which I’ll be testing once I escape the tentacles of my university’s various courses. Over the course of next two weeks, I have to design a half-duplex serial modem (which sounds intriguing), implement a BCD Adder circuit and code a Paint application using MFC classes (which sounds something heavily superannuated to be done). I haven’t started properly coding the application yet (immense waves of guilt start hitting me whenever I open up that bloated MS IDE), but I have a feeling that I’m not gonna get an A+ in my programming course if I don’t do this thing properly.

If only I had been studying somewhere where people at least knew that the real programmer’s operating system is Unix, I would’ve been more active on my blog. Until that happens, I’ll just keep waiting for vacations every year to get back to stuff that matters.

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