March 13, 2007

Data loss

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It’s been confirmed: My website has traveled back in time for about a month’s period, as my web-hosting company has restored February 19’s backup for my account. As a result, I have lost the articles and videos that I uploaded during the last three weeks.

I didn’t have any backup of the data for myself, so the lost posts (e.g. the one about KVM virtualization) are simply gone now. I can’t write them again, but let’s hope that I’ll be able to compensate for them with even better stuff.

March 7, 2007

Video: AC Milan vs Celtic 2nd Leg Highlights

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Includes Kaka’s match-winning goal from 93rd minute of the game: (more…)

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Video: Bayern Munich – The quickest Champions League goal

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Beautifully scored by Makaay — 9 seconds after the kickoff in the 2nd leg against Real Madrid: (more…)

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March 6, 2007

Video: Lyon vs Roma 2nd Leg Highlights

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Highlights recording (includes goals from Totti and Mancini): (more…)

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