May 28, 2016

Moving to Quora and other updates

Filed under: Blog — krkhan @ 12:18 pm

I just realized that while I haven’t been blogging actively in years now, I’ve been psuedo-blogging at Quora.

In coming months the situation shall change around here as well as I’ve finally started working on Linux/OSS after a three year gap. After stints in Xbox and Windows 10 I have finally landed Linux work; I’m now developing disk encryption solutions for Linux VMs in Azure. As the feature gets closer to public availability (somewhere in July), I’ll be blogging fun stuff related Linux disk encryption.

Meanwhile, Quora shall be my cyber-home. If you still haven’t heard of it, please get an internet connection in your cave and head over to the most addictive website on the planet right now.

Some of my Quora answers so far: