May 23, 2007

Sue me first, Microsoft

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Some of the readers might remember ShowUsTheCode, a campaign which started a few months back and demanded that Steve Bummer categorically list the Microsoft patents that Linux allegedly violates before 1st of May. Quite expectedly, Microsoft didn’t heed the campaign. What it did instead was to spread more FUD by insisting that Linux infringes 235 of its patents. BS? Not over yet. Users and creators of FOSS started a new campaign called ‘Sue me first, Microsoft‘, where they challenged the company to sue them for using distros which aren’t blessed by the ‘intellectual property innovator’ (namely, anything-but-Novell). In response, Microsoft issued this statement:

“If we wanted to go down that road we could have done that three years ago. Rather than litigate, Microsoft has spent the last three years building an intellectual property bridge that works for all parties — including open source — and the customer response has been tremendously positive. Our focus is on continuing to build bridges.”

It seems like Microsoft has a never-ending supply of bull-crap that’s so ridiculous per se that at some point or other people like me are bound to be left perplexed about their ability to comment on it.

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  1. Interesting video on the outcome of the Show us the Code deadline:

    Comment by Chris Wiggins — May 23, 2007 @ 8:57 pm

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