February 21, 2010

Bookmark Undertaker v0.3 — Picking up the threads

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Threads are love. Threads are speed. And more often than not, threads are a consistent PITA. However, I’ve had an accidental epiphany just a few hours ago:

When in doubt When you need to communicate among threads, use synchronized Queues.”

There. This magic mantra will solve more issues in your life than you can ever imagine, and certainly more than I expected.

Getting back to the topic at hand, adding threading support to the program has sped up the bookmark checking process by a factor of about 435895234. Coupled with fixing of some parsing bugs, Bookmark Undertaker v0.3 is finally capable of providing a quick, stable and consistent way of sanitizing your Firefox favorites:

Boomark Undertaker v0.3 Screenshot

This time, I’ve also tried to provide Deb and RPM packages on the release page for easy installation by the Debian/Ubuntu/Fedora populace.

Ushering in the era of communist applications:

“If everyone gives one thread, the poor person will have a shirt.” — Russian Proverb

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  1. Hi Gary and Christine!My son (age 12) and I enjoy your podcast touemndresly. He listens to it almost every night before bed. As you might suspect, we have pretty much run out of available podcasts. My son is really sad about this. Although iTunes lists older episodes back to about #40, we can’t download episodes older than #53. On your blog, there are posts giving links to older episodes but we keep getting a 404 error (page not found). For the sake of the future of our hobby (am I allowed a little hyperbole?) could you please somehow make these older (1-53) episodes available in some form, somewhere?If bandwidth is an issue, I wonder if you could possibly upload mp3s to a website like Soundcloud or YouTube where they host the files.Thanks very much! Richard and Rich

    Comment by Lonesome — November 11, 2015 @ 10:54 am

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